Benefits of Mediation

People in a mediation sitting at a table

There are many benefits for people who choose to mediate.  Mediation is much more efficient and inexpensive than going to court.  At Finding Common Ground, our mediation process is designed to help you save as much money and time as possible while creating the best solution for your unique situation.  We are not just Attorney Mediators, we are creative problem solvers.  After we help you reach agreements, we then carefully draft those agreements so you can move on and avoid conflict in the future.

Save Time and Money

A mediated dissolution often takes between three and six months, whereas a typical litigated case lasts an average of two years.

Mediation is less costly than both litigation and Collaborative Law. Studies have shown that mediation can be between three and ten times cheaper than the traditional litigated case.

Preserve Relationships

Mediation focuses on the future. When people in mediation have children or ongoing relationships, they have an opportunity to put their best foot forward during a difficult time rather than choosing a more adversarial process. We use ground rules and create a safe environment to help our clients work out difficult issues in a respectful and productive manner. Clients often find ways to communicate more effectively during the mediation process. Mediation also uses problem solving techniques that can be helpful for avoiding conflict in the future.

Maintain Control

Mediation empowers you because you are in control, not a judge. Decisions are made mutually by both parties with the help of the trained Attorney Mediators. Mediation clients also choose when to schedule their mediation sessions and never spend the day waiting in a court for their case to be heard.

Reach Lasting Agreements

People who mediation create their own solutions in mediation, and are more likely to  follow those agreements, thus avoiding the cost and stress of ongoing legal battles.