Gillian Brady has partnered with Sharyn Kaplan, JD, LCSW, the founder of Finding Common Ground™ Mediation & Law Services to offer Mediation Training for professionals interested in opening their own mediation practice or for those who would like to add Mediation to their existing practice or simply enhance their mediation skills.
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Who Will Benefit

  • Family Law Attorneys who would like to add Mediation to their Practice
  • Mental Health Professionals who Mediate Custody and Parenting Plans
  • All Collaborative Law Team Members
  • Litigators who want to Enhance their Settlement Skills & Strategies

Master Mediation Skills

  • Understand the Stages of Mediation
  • Learn Impasse-Breaking Techniques
  • Identify Ethical Dilemmas in Mediation
  • Gain Comfort in Unique Mediation Situations
  • Enhance Settlement Tools and Strategies

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